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Dan and his wife Rianne have lived in Erie for over 10 years and have two children, Anniston and Caden, as well as a Great Dane, Mack and new puppy, Winnie. Like many residents, Dan decided to put down roots in Erie because of the wonderful quality of life it offers and its great access to many activities and destinations along the Front Range. 

Dan has been a Trustee for the Town of Erie since 2013. He has previously served on the Erie Economic Development Council and the Planning and Zoning Commission. He also served as the Town’s liaison to the Denver Regional Council of Governments and has attended three International Council of Shopping Center Conventions as a Town representative to help attract much desired retail to Erie.  

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As a parent of two Erie students, Dan is currently the President of the Aspen Ridge Building Corporation. In the past, he was an employee of the Erie Community Center and volunteered as a soccer coach for multiple local recreation teams. He currently works with his son’s hockey team and has a goal to bring a sports complex to Erie that includes multiple ice rinks.  

Dan’s belief in Erie’s prosperous future brought their small business to Old Town Erie in 2008. As local business owners, they support many other residents, local businesses, and community members. Dan is excited for Erie’s future and believes in its focus toward a balanced development plan that stresses the importance of open space and commercial development.

I am committed to making Erie the place we can all call home.

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Joe Carnival, former Erie Trustee

I’ve known Dan Woog and his wife Rianne for a long time and served as Trustee with him for two years. There were many contentious issues in 2013 and he did an amazing job at staying calm throughout each of those situations. I recall many situations when Dan would guide the board towards a resolution when it seemed all hope was lost. Dan seemed to always be able to provide the guidance that we needed at just the right time.  

One of Dan’s best qualities, and something I feel makes him uniquely qualified to be mayor, is his passion for Erie. He works in Erie, he volunteers in Erie, serves on the board of Trustees in Erie, is the President of the Aspen Ridge building corporation, and most importantly is raising his family in Erie. I truly can’t think of someone more uniquely qualified to lead our town for the next two years and hopefully beyond. Dan has put his heart, money, and passion into our town and would do an amazing job as our next mayor. I’m grateful to the Woog family for their willingness to continue to dedicate so much time to our amazing town.  

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Mike Mazzocco, former Erie Planning and Zoning Commissioner

This choice is all about family. Vote Dan Woog for Erie Mayor.

The world in which we live is going through unprecedented change. Change that on the face of it, can be daunting, stressful, and downright scary. My wife, Jessica, and I try our best to approach this changing world with an open mind and an open heart.

This shifting society keeps us on our toes in raising our two young boys. There are great innovative technologies that exist today and that will be developed tomorrow that will enable them to access, (and be accessed by), the world outside our front door. A changing world that will see unimagined advancements and an even faster pace. How these changes impact our family and how we work to shape this change for our family is a responsibility that belongs to Jessica and me. Every family has the responsibility to choose for their family to shape a better future. Let’s be clear: Change is not random, it is a choice.

Voters in the upcoming election for mayor will have an opportunity to make a choice that will have a major impact on the Erie family. I ask that you make the positive choice and vote for Dan Woog. Dan has volunteered countless hours to Erie over the past several years as a planning commissioner, a town board member, and at many Erie events that we all have enjoyed. Dan also runs an Erie-based business that generates jobs and tax revenues that get invested right back into Erie. Dan is a stable, collaborative, and transparent leader who knows how to move from challenge to choice and get things done.

Vote for Dan Woog for Erie Mayor and choose the positive future we all strive for.


Glenn Massarotti, former Erie Mayor pro tem

To many, the concept of economic development is just a vague political talking point.  Dan understands what it means to run a business in Erie, because as a small business owner, he lives it every day.  Dan has the skills and experience our next mayor will need to shape the future of our town.  This is why I am voting for Dan Woog for mayor.


Brent Bell, former Erie Planning Commissioner

I am writing to express my enthusiastic endorsement of Dan Woog in Erie’s mayoral race.  I had the privilege of serving with Dan on the Erie Planning Commission, and I always appreciated Dan’s thoughtfulness, insight, and sense of humor.  Erie’s rapid growth spawned a lot of applications for preliminary plats, comprehensive plan amendments, and Planned Unit Developments, and many of our Planning Commission meetings dragged late into the night.  With public comment often getting heated, with those on opposing sides of development issues arriving angry and getting angrier throughout the course of a meeting, Dan would always listen to both sides carefully.  He consistently made those in the room feel as though their side was being given serious consideration, knowing that ultimately, the decisions had to tilt one way or the other.  Dan added many helpful suggestions and opinions on how our Town policies and procedures could be made better during the often dry portions of our Planning Commission meetings; such is the exercise of conducting the business of local government.  Working with Dan was always a pleasure and I know the others on the Planning Commission felt the same way.

I have every confidence that Dan will be a great mayor, and I am asking those of you reading this to please join me in voting for Dan.  With Dan as our new Mayor, Erie will continue its tradition of being one of the greatest places to live in the U.S.!

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Trustee Scott Charles

Over the past 4 years, Erie has had many great accomplishments that continue to make Erie the best place to live in Colorado. This requires leadership that is focused, experienced, and dedicated. Hardworking town staff and steadfast board members are needed to keep pushing Erie is the right direction. This direction begins with a Mayor that can envision and plan for our future. I believe the best candidate to do that is Dan Woog.

I have had the privilege of serving with Dan on the Board of Trustees for the past 4 years. In that time, I have found Dan to be a thoughtful and rationale voice. He is always up for listening to a new idea and provides constructive feedback. While we do not always agree on issues, Dan is respectful and interested in my point of view. I have seen this countless times in his interactions with other board members, staff, residents, and business owners.

Dan’s continued interest in economic development, especially through retail and commercial projects, are crucial in keeping our Town financially stable. Dan knows that developing our I-25 corridor, 9 Mile Corner, Four Corners, and Highway 7/Sheridan commercial locations are not only key to our financial success, but will also provide much desired service, shops, and employment opportunities for Erie residents. Additionally, Dan has been committed to the purchase of open space throughout town in order to find a balance between development and Erie’s identity. Furthermore, his continued support for our Police Department and concern for the safety of our community is to be commended.

It is clear that Dan’s experience on the Board of Trustees, Economic Development Council, Planning Commission and other relevant organizations over the past 10 years have prepared him for his next step as a public servant as Mayor. His 9 years of owning a small business in Erie make him uniquely experienced in working with many community members, leaders, and businesses. We need a Mayor that not only understands what it takes to build a business in Erie, but can use their experience to help the Town bring more business here.

With all this said, I enthusiastically endorse Dan Woog for Mayor and encourage you to cast your vote for him in the municipal election.


Trustee Scott Charles

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Ray J. Schlott

Vote for Dan Woog for Mayor of Erie
Attending most Erie Board of Trustees meetings, I have observed actions, listened to statements and assessed
the logic of positions and votes cast by individual Trustees. Two present Trustees are candidates for Mayor. My observations, only one possess the insight, experience and application of logic to fulfill the demands of being
our Mayor. This individual is Dan Woog!
Dan Woog consistently demonstrates thoughtfulness in deliberations and voting. Decisions are not based on
short term personal political expediency but rather based on the longer term effect or potential negative impacts.
From insight gained at Town proceedings, I have an understanding of the breadth of current and future Town
challenges. Included are intricacies of population growth and the challenges of addressing oil and gas activities
considering the maze of constraints of state regulations!
I support Dan Woog based on objectivity demonstrated during his tenure as Trustee and am confident he will
not only meet but will exceed the expectations of supporters and detractors. Dan Woog has already
contemplated new innovative measures addressing oil and gas activities with a cooperative doctrine involving
municipalities and industry. Likewise, energy conservation is high on the thoughtfully planned agenda.
Dan is the owner of Flagship Properties located in Old Town Erie; a realty, property management and HOA
management company. Unlike the other candidate, business activities provide a continuing opportunity for Dan Woog to gain a daily perspective into items of community interest and urgency.
I urge voting for Dan Woog for Mayor. He is the best candidate to lead our Town in the future and to continue
to have Erie be the Best Place to Raise a Family. Mail-in ballots must be received by April 3rd.

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As your Erie Mayor, I will focus on
a strong community for our children to grow, a healthy economy for our businesses to thrive, and a firm policy towards safety for our neighborhoods to progress.

+ Policy Plans


There are few who can question the beauty that the majestic landscape of Erie offers or the tight knit community we have fostered here. Beyond the beautiful neighborhoods, Rocky Mountain views and outstanding trails and parks, we maintain a diverse and vibrant community that truly brings joy and pride to us as residents. Between the Concerts in the Park, Farmers Market, Old Town parades, Movies in the Park, and many others, we have great options when it comes to quality family time right here in Erie. It is my goal, not only to continue to ensure that these events are offered to the community, but to work with Town staff, local organizations and businesses to create even more opportunities for community building and fun.


There is no doubt that Erie is a growing and flourishing Town. As we see new homes, retail buildings, and offices popping up all around us, it is an exciting time for Erie as it benefits our financial standing as well as offers more options for our citizens regarding dining, shopping, and places to work. The retail development we are currently seeing is directly related to the boom in our housing market. We are now entering an opportune time to draw attention from some of the fine retail establishments so many of our residents have been waiting for. While this growth brings satisfaction to many, I am very aware of the concerns from some citizens that our quality of life will diminish. More people means more homes which brings more traffic and crowds. While this isn't ideal for every situation, I do know that with careful consideration toward planning for parks, open space, and trails, as well as a continued focus on the overall master plan of Erie, we can build something together that will make our Town an even greater experience for our families! As a father, local business owner, former member of the Erie Economic Development Council, Planning Commission, and a 5 year member on the Board of Trustees, I have the experience and foresight to lead us down the right path.


There is no doubt in my mind that the safety of our streets and neighborhoods is one of my top priorities, if not the top priority and focus for me as the Mayor of Erie. I have stayed committed to supporting a police force that focuses on Community involvement while also staying committed to quick responses and efficient work. Erie has received numerous awards for being one of the safest places to live and we all know that adds to our quality of life by alleviating many concerns as parents. I have supported the hiring of additional officers as our Town has grown and also lobbied for and convinced the Board of Trustees to hire an additional officer that will be available for onsite school emergencies as well as for Town events (Farmers Market, Parades, etc.). Erie will continue to grow and the Erie Police Department will always have the equipment, staff, and leadership to provide service and protection.

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Erie’s Regular Municipal Election is April 3, 2018

Please visit the Town of Erie’s Election & Voter Information page to register to vote and learn more about the upcoming election.