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Woog's Water Plan

Erie families need the Town to explore any and all options for keeping our waters costs down. I am committed to managing our water rates and looking for ways to reduce them whenever possible. As Mayor, I will ensure that our Town government is responsive to, and focused on, resident needs. I've done that as Trustee, and I'll continue that work as Mayor.

It starts with setting a goal - and that is making sure we operate our water and waste water systems as effectively and efficiently as possible. That means carefully scrutinizing budget requests and working to identify and eliminate waste which will allow us to pass the savings onto our residents.

Conservation. The Town has a solid conservation plan, but it is time to enhance its water conservation efforts.  Conservation will reduce our need to continually acquire newer, more expensive water rights.  

Re-use.  I believe the Town needs to expand our re-use water system to stretch our water portfolio. We have made tremendous strides by building a 1000 acre foot re-use reservoir, and need to keep pushing to expand re-use. This will also enhance our conservation efforts.

Expanded use of smart meters. Smart meters help Erie families monitor and control their water usage, as well as identify leaks early on. They also require less staff time overall. This saves water and money.

Non-resident sources of revenue. As a Trustee I have supported opportunities such as short term water leases to outside users. This kind of revenue helps us retire debt and save water utility customers money.

Strategic debt refinancing. I will continue to challenge our Town staff to find ways to more quickly retire our water related debt and to pass the savings on to Erie families.

Water rates. Finally, the next time we perform a rate study, I will challenge our staff to find creative ways to avoid future rate increases. Our focus should be on rate reductions, not increases.